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How does Faberge make vacation rental easy for owners?

Faberge offers homeowners a superior vacation rental management solution at an unbeatable rate. We start by creating a professional listing for your home and marketing it on top websites like VRBO, HomeAway and AirBNB. Next, our travel advisors respond to every inquiry, confirm bookings, and manage all pre- and post- stay guest communication—7 days a week! Finally, our vetted network of on-the-ground partners are available to assist you with everything from housekeeping to maintenance.

Does it cost anything to join Faberge?

There is no upfront fee to join Faberge, no commitment to a contract period (though we do ask for a two-month notice if you are selling your home or you cease renting), and no cancellation fee. We pay for the listing fees and recover the cost from the rental revenue that we generate. You simply pay a percentage of each reservation to us in management fees—we don’t get paid until you get paid!

How does Faberge help travelers book my home?

Travelers inquiring about your home will receive immediate responses from Faberge via email and phone, which research has shown significantly increases successful bookings. We have an active social media presence to advertise your house and we have the knowledge to make sure your property is on top of booking websites like HomeAway or Airbnb. Our incredible customer service and quick communication has resulted in us receiving recognition from HomeAway and Airbnb, which gives us additional capabilities and attracts new customers. All of this combined means we have a long list of repeat business and very high ratings—which further generates you more rental income.

How does Faberge handle on-the-ground services?

Faberge organizes and coordinates all cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep on your property to ensure you can rent your home for the maximum number of days each season. Our years in business means we have developed an extensive network of trusted contacts for these services, including the ability to request an emergency service if required. We also visit your property to personally ensure that your home and investment are being taken care of to our exacting standards.

How do homeowners get paid?

We believe in total transparency—each month we will send you a statement that contains gross rental income, total expenses and the management fee. Each expense will be itemized for your review, for example, if you request that we perform some maintenance on your home, you will see the amount we were charged and service performed. You may get paid in any form you request: check, direct deposit, cash, PayPal, Venmo, etc.

Can I still use my property?

Of course! You are the owner, simply mark out the days/weeks you wish to use your home on the calendar before they are booked by guests and Faberge will block off those dates on each of the rental websites.

How does Faberge take care of housekeeping and cleaning?

We use local cleaners that are proven and experienced to ensure your home can handle back-to-back bookings without a drop in the quality of service. This allows us to maximize your revenue during the busy seasons, and home cleanliness is one of the best ways to get good reviews on your house. The house cleaners also send us a notice when the house is ready for the next guest, and to report any issues that they see so they can be addressed promptly. We also authorize deep cleanings during the off-season or as needed to further ensure your home is meticulously maintained. If you wish for us to use a cleaning service that you already use and trust, we are happy and willing to fulfill that request as well!

Does Faberge handle all customer requests?

Yes, in fact we insist on it. That ensures customers are consistently receiving the same information, not only within one guest stay, but for repeat clients as well. We have customer service down to a science, we anticipate questions so we can quickly respond, and know exactly how to handle different situations to ensure complete satisfaction. Look at some of the reviews on our properties—note how many positive comments appreciate our communication!

Is there a long-term contract?

No. You may sell your home or stop renting at any time. All we ask is that you provide 60 days of notice to allow Faberge to honor the remaining rental agreements.

How does Faberge make sure my property is protected?

Asset protection has two factors—insurance to mitigate risk and routine maintenance. Insurance means you will never have to worry about an uncovered loss: we highly recommend you have homeowner’s insurance and amend the plan to include short-term rental coverage, we collect security deposits and damage protection insurance fees from renters. We also screen all requests for bookings to ensure that your guests are suited for the home, though we do not discriminate based on any protected status (gender, race, religion, etc.). We also coordinate routine maintenance that extends the life of your assets and identifies issues before a minor concern becomes a major one.

What happens in the event of damages?

While some damage and wear-and-tear does occur, we have found it is extremely infrequent, predictable, and usually a very minor issue, such as a broken chair or wine glasses that can be easily replaced. In the seldom event that there is damage, Faberge will work to make sure that the issue is quickly rectified, and immediately report it to you as part of our total transparency guarantee, we will also let you know when your home is back to rental status. We will also contact the insurance company and guests to secure the funds for the repair, and we coordinate the contractors who will give us frequent updates on their progress.