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Faberge Home Rentals has identified a need in the vacation home rental market—homeowners who are looking to generate additional income by renting and vacationers looking to have a more intimate experience than staying at a hotel. Renting a 5+ bedroom home is often less expensive than renting a similar number of rooms at a resort, while providing its guests with privacy, uniqueness, and more amenities. Faberge is the link between these two groups of individuals seeking a mutually beneficial exchange.

We provide elite service to both parties. Homeowners want their property to be well taken care of and to generate revenue that covers maintenance fees and taxes, and provides a source of income. Guests want a vacationing experience that is superior to a traditional stay at a hotel and creates memories that will last a lifetime. As experts in our field, we are able to accomplish all of this and more.

We match guests with properties that meet or exceed their expectations for the vacation or experience that they have in mind.

We match homeowners with guests that their homes are best marketed towards, be it a group of adults, parents with kids, or a bride and groom looking for a wedding location that will start their marriage off right.

When everyone is happy, everyone wins. That is the goal of Faberge.

For Homeowners

Thank you for choosing Faberge Home Rental services to help rent your property. We want memories to be made in vacation homes for both our customers and you, the owner. With every partnership, the owner’s requirements are our priority. There are many benefits to rent out your home instead of selling, including long-term profit and equity, tax write-offs, protection from the housing market, tax-free cash flow, and of course, having a vacation home when you want!

Management Services for Owners

Faberge will take the burden of the renting process out of your hands. Members of our team are committed to saving you a headache while you receive a flow of income and keep your property in good condition. We help make ownership simple by handling all legal matters and requirements related to your property such as insurance, licensing, and taxes. Owners will have instant access to account statements, reservation schedules online, and prompt responses to any inquiries.

Property Management

At Faberge, we focus on renting for all seasons, especially for New England and New York homes. For this reason, we provide complete maintenance, repair, cleaning, snow removal, pool and lawn services to all owners. We routinely inspect all furniture, appliances, electronics, and equipment to make sure guests have the best experience. If repairs are needed, or additional items are required for the property’s optimal performance, we consult with the owner for the best possible solution. Updates on the property, documented damage, addressed issues, and post-stay walk-through records are provided for the owner’s review after every stay.

Guest Management

Faberge’s guest management services include screening potential guests to ensure they meet the highest standards, scheduling bookings, managing cancellations, providing pre-stay walkthroughs, processing all reservations, and collecting security deposits. We also provide guests with rental policies, customized guidelines for individual homes, and offer a caretaker to show guests the property as well as provide immediate assistance. Our experience in the business has shown that guest relationship is key to encourage more bookings and repeat clients from those who respect your home while they stay.

Property Listing Optimization

Here at Faberge, we spend a considerable amount of time and effort researching how our clients can best succeed. By keeping up to date with changes in the industry, we ensure premium representation of your home with quality descriptions, high resolution pictures that accurately capture the essence of your property, cutting-edge marketing techniques, and personalized follow-ups on rental inquiries. Our team has the expertise in vacation rental performances in the area and can apply that knowledge to maximize your property’s income. Specifically, we provide owners with data about high and low seasons, what properties are popular in the area, and how local regulations effect vacation rental, short-term and long-term.


Faberge practices a robust marketing strategy and keeps pushing to raise and maintain the website’s online profile. We feature properties on our own website as well as on all major listing websites such as HomeAway, Airbnb, VRBO, and FlipKey. We make sure our homes appear high in the search results and design premium advertisements on Google and social media. By tracking progress with internet tools such as Google AdWords, our experts can pinpoint the proper demographics and customer profiles to match with what your property has to offer. Simply put, we put our homes where the right people are looking for the best possible results.

We believe that positive word-of-mouth is essential to our marketing arsenal. Our experts actively solicit reviews from satisfied guests and follow up for potential re-bookings. We make sure your property is everything guests want and more to ensure repeat business and will submit 5-star reviews to attract new renters.

Because many of our homes are in vacation hotspots with the most popular attractions in the region, our team maintains a calendar of local events including festivals and activities. We market our properties to participants of these events to increase exposure and guest occupancy. Your property will be advertised in the local and regional community events and attractions.

For Guests

Our goal is your complete satisfaction during your stay at our properties, we provide unparalleled customer service with a proven track record, and can assist in matching you with homes in locations that will meet or exceed the vacation experience you have in mind.

Faberge rental homes provide a better experience and are frequently less expensive than renting a similar number of rooms at a hotel or resort. Plus, you have significantly more privacy, the houses are unique, and the amenities such as pools and hot tubs are not shared among hundreds of guests—only those with whom you are vacationing.

The cornerstone of our service is communication—any time, day or night, and before, during, and after your stay—we are available by phone, email, or text message, and respond to your inquiries promptly. We have a cadre of experts that can quickly address any need, and maintain an extensive list of contacts to recommend for any additional services you may request.

We offer a wide range of vacation homes that can accommodate groups of various sizes: a single family, several families looking to vacation together, a large family reunion, dozens of friends seeking to share an experience, or corporate retreats. We have properties that are close to the action, have absolute privacy, or both. We also can cater to those looking to host a wedding or an event, please see the Wedding and Event section for more details.

Before Your Stay

We are available around the clock, seven days a week, to respond to any questions and inquiries that you may have. Each home is accurately photographed and described to ensure that your expectations will be met from the moment you first arrive. The listings contain a roster of amenities that you can use, the number of rooms and guests that a home can sleep comfortably, and suggestions of area attractions and best ways to use the house to maximize enjoyment. This allows you to plan your vacation schedule in advance, giving you peace of mind when you decide to book.

During Your Stay

Our homes are meticulously cleaned for each booking and maintained to the highest standards to ensure you will be able to use whatever features of the house your party desires. Every bed has fresh linens, every bathroom has towels and paper products. The kitchens are stocked with the things you will need to prepare meals, and every home comes with a manual describing the proper operation of all the amenities.

We are available any time to answer any questions you may have during your stay and will check into to ensure your stay is satisfactory. Faberge maintains a staff of experts in your vacation home’s local area to quickly respond to any requests. If a winter storm passes through during your stay, driveways are plowed and sidewalks are shoveled and sanded promptly. If you want additional luxuries, such as a private chef, in-home massage, and more, we have an extensive list of recommendations.

After Your Stay

Once your vacation has sadly come to an end, we will remain in contact to ensure that you were completely satisfied. We welcome any and all recommendations and comments, and we take them seriously. If you forget an item and we find it, we will work to return it to you.

We hope to see you soon!

For Investors

The short-term rental market is the strongest it has ever been. Now is the time to take advantage of this safe and profitable opportunity! We are a premier organization for investors who seek a trustws agency to manage and create profitable returns. Based on our analysis and experience, returns can reach up to 30% annually with today’s market.

Property Purchase

Faberge has a highly qualified team to assist in purchasing and managing your property. We will help you select the right properties and prepare them for renting to ensure a cash flow maximization. The mid-market segment is where we identified the best opportunity due to a shortage of 4-7 bedroom vacation homes that can sleep 12-15 people. Therefore, we believe that the following property to purchase should have the following characteristics for adequate returns: short and long-term rentable, near popular attractions such as ski slopes, located in a popular destination for vacationers, is equipped with the latest entertainment systems, is a waterfront property, is fully furnished, and has luxury features such as a hot tub or pool. These ideal types of properties are priced within the range of $250K to 400K. We can help you with the appropriate level of insurance and identify what improvements are necessary to achieve the best stay for guests and allow an optimal return for you. Once we find a property to your specifications, we will provide a proforma marketing and investment analysis. This contains the total amount of capital needed for your investment to purchase the house as well as preparation costs for renters.

Property Protection

Faberge takes all precautions to protect your property from excessive wear and tear. Although minor damages may occur, we take the appropriate steps to mitigate these risks as well as protect your rental home. Our initial screening process for renters insures a safe living environment for every stay. We ask for full pre-payments as well as security deposits of 25-50% of rental amount. Our expert team stays up to date with all insurance and damage protection on the property. We have partnered with several insurance agents that will offer you optimal short-term rental coverage at a reasonable cost and offer insurance for revenue losses due to property damage. We provide and inform every guest of rental policies as well as customized guidelines for every property. Finally, we record all property damage and wear and tear, and hire a handyman/caretaker to conduct inspections upon guest departures and provide you with all the documents for your review.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Our expert team utilizes the best marketing tools to expose your property to the right customer base. We work with all major short-term rental platforms such as HomeAway, Airbnb, VRBO, and FlipKey to achieve first-class exposure. We optimize our property listings to be at the top of the search results in the best potential demographics. To capture a potential renter, we invest in professional photographers who know how to accentuate the advantages of your property with high-resolution photographs. Because customers heavily rely on first-person experiences to make rental decisions, we believe that referral incentives and word of mouth are a powerful tool in the market. We utilize a network of satisfied customers to refer potential guests. Lastly, our team maintains a calendar of local events such as festivals and sports activities in your property’s area and specifically markets your property to attendants of these events to increase occupancy rates.

Why Faberge?

By investing with us, you are backed by the Faberge experience that differentiates our company from others. Because renters inquire about 4-5 properties at one time, whoever responds to them first will close the sale over 85% of the time. We strive for a quick response time, always within the hour, which leads to a higher conversion rate of renting per inquiry. Our experience has shown that properties with numerous positive reviews generate three times more business overall. It’s simple, the more we strive for 100% positive reviews by creating the best experience for our guests and inquiring feedback on their stay, the more online traffic your property will create. Thus, more business will generate a steady increase in occupancy rates. Another pillar of successful properties comes from returning guests. Our superior customer service is the primary reason we have returned guests that enable us to generate a minimum of 15% increase in revenue from first to the second year of managing your property. Our team actively stays in touch with guest desires in each local market to identify pockets of unfilled demand. This allows us to custom tailor our offerings for your property in order to maximize occupancy rates and ROI. Furthermore, we continuously explore additional opportunities to improve your ROI by hosting special events, weddings, corporate retreats, and deep off-season discounting.

Events & Weddings

Faberge maintains a portfolio of homes that are ideal for hosting a wedding or event. These properties have incredible views, space for tents and seating, capacity for caterers and cooks, have experience with hosting large groups, and more. Many locations have ample parking, and shuttle services can be requested for guests as well.

We have experience in facilitating events and weddings, big or small, and can provide recommendations for caterers, musicians, tenting, flowers, photographers, videographers, AV equipment, and more. We provide VIP service for all weddings and events, including allowing the future bride and groom to visit the property with their wedding planner well ahead of your big day.

Due to the extra effort required to host a large group of people at the property, a fee in addition to the home rental will be assessed, the specific amount is dependent on the location and number of guests.

If you are hosting in the Poconos or in Southern Vermont, Faberge has many rental homes nearby our wedding and event properties, which streamlines the process of finding places to stay for your guests. Contact us today for a list of our wedding and event properties and allow us to help make your occasion a complete success!