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We welcome you to Faberge Home Rentals Management, LLC.

Dear Friends and Clients,

Our company started unexpectedly; it is a personal story.

I was homeowner of two vacation properties, one in Vermont and one in Spain, which I found myself using less and less as taxes and maintenance expenses kept increasing. I was th...

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Find one of a kind, luxurious vacation home rentals for friends and family. Need help? Feel free to contact one of our representatives with the green “Get in Touch” tab on the left.


If you’ve found “The One,” your vacation home is just a few clicks away! We will promptly answer any questions and requests you may have.


We are commited to helping friends and families enjoy their stay at our vacation homes again and again. Your unforgettable travel experience awaits you.


For homeowners

Thank you for choosing Faberge Home Rental services to help rent your property. We want memories to be made in vacation homes for both our customers and you, the owner. With every partnership, the owner’s requirements are our priority. There are many benefits to rent out your home instead of selling, including long-term profit and equity, tax write-offs, protection from the housing market, tax-free cash flow, and of course, having a vacation home when you want!

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For investors

The short-term rental market is the strongest it has ever been. Now is the time to take advantage of this safe and profitable opportunity! We are a premier organization for investors who seek a trusting agency to manage and create profitable returns. Based on our analysis and experience, returns can reach up to 30% annually with today’s market.

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